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Here are our top pet products, Riley gives them 5 paws!

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5 Paws
Top Pet Products

Riley is about to turn 4 years old and already has early signs of hip dysplasia, arthritis, and spinal disc tensions. I wanted to find something to make her as comfortable as possible and within almost 4 years we have gone through at least 6 dog beds. The biggest problem I’ve found with a big dog is that I could go out and buy the biggest, fluffiest, comfiest looking bed.. and within a month it’s flattened. And then I stumbled upon the video below on Facebook about how a flat dog bed is no better than just sleeping on the floor and how it affects their joints.

This has probably been the most expensive of our products so far, but I am so grateful for the results I have seen. It is worth… every penny.

Funny story? My boyfriend has horrible back problems too, and sometimes for movie night he’ll bring out Riley’s big barker and use it himself. I’m thinking of getting him one and somehow make shifting it into a couch properly sized.

5 Paws

Dinovite gave me my puppy back. I cannot even begin to tell you how much money I’ve wasted at the vet and wish I knew about Dinovite sooner. I guess I’ve heard about it for awhile, but I was just skeptical. Riley had itchy dry skin and it got so bad that her hotspots were almost raw-looking. She would lick, bite and scratch at certain spots so much that she started to have bald spots. I took her to the vet and they told us that it was seasonal allergies and gave us some medicated shampoo and antibiotics. They helped a little bit, I guess. A couple weeks later, however, it’d be the same thing and the hotspots would come back. I bought a couple more shampoos that seemed promising… and nothing worked. At that point it just seemed like my puppy was just going downhill. She didn’t as much energy as she used to.

It’s been about six months since she’s on Dinovite and Riley’s fur has never looked better. Fuller, shinier, softer – no itchiness, no flaking. She has the energy that I haven’t seen her have in years. And I owe that all to Dinovite.

5 Paws

Any dog owner knows that shedding season is a nightmare. I brush so much hair off of Riley that I can practically make a new dog with the pile of hair. We LOVE the fulminator brush. It takes off so much hair that other brushes don’t seem to get. Her fur is shiner and softer than ever. I’ve had mine for about two years now and I don’t plan on needing another one anytime soon.

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