Tips and Tricks From a Starbucks Insider

Important tips and tricks straight from a Starbucks insider! This will help you save a couple bucks at Starbucks and get the most bang for your buck.

Venti Caramel Macchiato

Tips and Tricks From A Starbucks Insider:

Put milk or sugar in your coffee?

  • Ask for a smaller size in a bigger cup. (i.e., a tall coffee in a grande cup or a grande coffee in a venti cup)

If you put milk or sugar in your coffee you’re already familiar with watching your money pour out of that cup because they fill it to the rim. Even if you ask for your coffee with room, you’re just ripping yourself off because you’re not getting the whole amount of coffee that you paid for. If you ask for a smaller sized coffee in a bigger cup, you don’t have to pour any coffee out and you get all your money’s worth AND a little extra!

  • Take advantage of free refills!

Coffee and teas (both iced and hot) get free refills if you are a gold card member. Now it depends on the Starbucks because some are really picky about their policies. The policy is that you have to be inside the store to get a free refill. However, most Starbucks stores are really lenient about this policy because chances are they vaguely remember you from earlier and know that you got it at that location. Getting a drink at one location and then getting a refill at another location is really pushing it so I wouldn’t recommend that. Not a gold card member? No problem, it’ll only cost you about 50 cents.

  • Ask for iced drinks (iced coffee or iced teas) with no ice.

Do you finish your drink in about 5 sips? That’s because the cup is filled entirely with ice so the amount of liquid is significantly less than the size that you ordered. Simply ask for your iced coffee or iced tea without ice and ask for an extra cup of ice. Not only will you get your money’s worth- you have enough to make an extra drink!

  • Ask for your drink without whipped cream.

I know what you’re thinking- the whipped cream is the best part! This advice doesn’t necessarily apply to frappuccinos. Getting a pumpkin spice latte? A hot chocolate? I find that whenever I order a hot drink that comes with whip cream, the whip cream melts in about 60 seconds and my grande hot chocolate just turned into a tall. Another added bonus for ordering those drinks without whip cream? You’ll feel a little less guilty about having one every day (Oh, you don’t go every day? Yeah.. me neither… awkward) because a significant amount of the calories come from the whipped cream alone. Now in a frappuccino… I agree- it’s delicious and worth it. In a hot drink, however, you don’t even taste it so you wouldn’t notice the difference without it.

Never ask for a grande or venti hot tea. 

I don’t know about you, but for me I think that two tea bags in a hot tea is too much. It leaves the tea tasting a little bitter. Ask for a tall hot tea in a grande or venti cup with extra hot water. A grande or venti tea is priced with the extra tea bag so asking for a tall with extra water saves you a couple bucks and you leave with the same tasting drink.

  • Never get a bottled water at Starbucks

Ask for a cup of ice water. Their water is TRIPLE-FILTERED. Not sure I can guarantee the same about Ethos, but you definitely just saved a few dollars.

  • Ask for a doppio expresso in a grande cup of ice

Feeling like an iced latte but not crazy about spending five bucks on a drink? I feel ya, just ask for a doppio expresso in a grande cup of ice or a triple expresso in a venti cup of ice and walk over to the condiment bar and fill it up with milk. Viola!

  • Every dog deserves a puppchino at least once

I’m a little biased about this one, and instead of ordering a puppychino I just get some of the whipped cream from my drink on my finger and give that to my dog. Or if I do get a puppychino, a few licks is more than enough. There’s no need to give them the entire thing. Okay, okay enough of the warning. What is a puppychino and how much is it? First of all, it’s FREE! A puppychino is a short cup filled with whipped cream and dogs love it! However, I would not reccommend getting it to them very often because it’s not good for your dog at all- it’s heavy whipping cream and vanilla syrup (aka straight sugar).

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  1. Lucinda at cookyaunty

    August 9, 2018 at 6:33 am

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome post! I am a barista at Starbucks and the shots are different for the grande and venti iced drinks the grande gets two the venti iced gets 3 the shots are the same for the hot lattes just FYI from someone who actually works at Starbucks.

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