You Know You Have a GSD When …

Common GSD owner relatables

If you have a German Shepherd you will definitely relate to these!

You know you have a GSD when…

The puppy eyes.

We’ve all been susceptible to this. Okay okay I’ll give you whatever you want! Just stop looking at me like that!

Lucy GSD
Look deep into my cute puppy eyes and melt into complete obedience… yes… perfect… now give me those treats over there.

Has 99 toys and only wants the one under the bed.

Riley Rose
But mom, that’s my FAVORITE toy under there!

When you just gave your dog a bath and they decide to play in the mud.

Riley Rose
Hey mom, look what I did in the backyard!

German Shepherds are “velcro dogs”

Personal Space? No thanks.

The Adventures of Riley
“I’ll be right here if you need me, don’t worry.”


Buys an expensive tempurpedic bed… finds dog sleeping in bathtub instead.

The Adventures of Riley
“Thanks for the bed, but I’m comfy right here.”

When you always have to keep an eye on your food or face the consequences.

The Adventures of Riley
“Quick! Before she turns around!”

When you’re having a snack and have the feeling that someone is watching you…

Lucy GSD
“I see you’re having a snack. I also like snacks…”

No my window’s aren’t dirty. That’s my dog’s nose art.

The Adventures of Riley
“This nose art is my latest masterpiece.”

I always know where my boyfriend is.

The Adventures of Riley
“You’ve been in there for TWO whole minutes. Are you okay? Are you sure you don’t need me?

When you catch yourself staring at your dog wondering just how you got so lucky.

Lucy GSD
“I don’t care where we go as long as I’m with you.”

“No dog’s on the bed. Period” 

*Comes home early to find this…*

Lucy GSD
Cuddles with daddy

“You know they’re really aggressive, right?”

— “Yes, I sleep in fear every night…”

Lucy GSD
Lovin’ on my momma

If you have a German Shepherd you know that on the inside they’re just the biggest babies. 

The Adventures of Riley
“I hate the vet so much. I need to plot my escape.”


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