Natural Remedies For Dogs With Behavioral Problems

This is our very first guest post from our new friend Beatrice and her dog, Argos at  Dogs become stressed just as easily as humans do, whether it is due to fear of loud noises, separation anxiety, or moving to a new home. Natural and holistic approaches to veterinary practice have become more and more popular. Here are some natural remedies to help treat behavioral problems in dogs such as fear or aggression. Take a look!

Natural Remedies For Dogs With Behavioral Problems
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Experiencing behavioral problems in your dog? Try these 3 natural remedies.

Just like humans, our four-legged friends can benefit from the use of natural remedies to help treat various conditions and illnesses. In the behavioral field, mother nature can lend a big helping hand as well. Here are three natural remedies for behavioral problems:

1. Bach Flowers

One of nature’s best known remedies are Bach flowers. Not only are they effective in dealing with emotional problems in humans, but they are also effective in dealing with canine behavioral problems.

Rescue Remedy is the most commonly used blend and acts as a sort of first aid for emotional problems. Whether it’s the fear of loud noises such as thunder or fireworks, travel, or visiting the vet, there are various situations that put a strain on our pets and can benefit from this essence blend. To treat dogs with more severe situations, you can also use Mimulus, which is more specific in treating fear. Dogs that have suffered a physical or psychological trauma benefit from using Star of Bethlehem, while Vine is useful to make stubborn and dominant dogs more collaborative.

With 38 different essences of Bach Flowers, there are several combinations to create special remedies.

2. Australian Flowers

Australian flowers are similar to the Bach flowers, but have a more specific use. For example, the essence blend called, “Agitation & Calm” is useful for dogs that are agitated, stressed or obsessive. “Aggressive” on the other hand, can be helpful in reducing aggression conflicts between dogs. There is also a mix of Australian flowers that helps dogs focus and concentrate during training. It is called, “Training & Education” and is useful for both normal educational activities and in specific training or sporting activities.

Some say that Australian flowers are even more powerful and useful than Bach flowers, especially in the most difficult cases. While some prefer to solely use Australian flowers, others benefit from using both Bach and Australian flower essences at the same time.

3. Pheromones

Another natural approach for treating certain behavioral disorders is the use of pheromones. A pheromone is a natural chemical substance which animals produce and release into the environment and that scent affects the behavior of others of its species. Certain pheromones, called calming or appeasing pheromones, can sometimes help relieve stressed pets by mimicking natural pheromones. This is especially useful for agitated pets in  stressful situations such as moving or family changes, loud noises, traveling, etc. These come in various forms including sprays, diffusers and collars.

It is important to understand that in all cases do-it-yourself is not the right approach and it’s better to get assistance from an expert, such as a behavioral veterinarian. Furthermore, the efficacy can vary considerably depending on the situations and the subjects involved. Be sure to carefully monitor the therapy and to achieve the best results, use in conjunction with behavioral therapy.

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