25 Healthy Habits Every Girl Needs To Have

Sometime’s the best way to better ourselves come from the smallest changes in our day. Here are 25 healthy habits that may not seem like they’ll do much of anything at first, but will slowly start to make you happier with yourself and your life.

1. Tell yourself 3 things that you like about yourself every day. 

The worst thing a girl can lose is her confidence. Stop obsessing over your imperfections because chances are- you’re the only one that’s noticing them. You are your own toughest critic. Imagine the completely different outlook on everything you could have about your day if you started it out being positive and feeling good about yourself. That kind of feeling when your outfit is on point and you’re having a good hair day and just got complimented about your shoes… what if that feeling could be everyday, regardless of how you looked? Maybe those shoes really were cute, but I can almost guarantee you that it wasn’t about what you were wearing.. it’s that confidence that made the difference. Telling yourself something you like about yourself will build your confidence, you’ll slowly stop worrying about how those jeans fit better two years ago and just loving yourself for who you are.

2. Don’t wait for your life to be perfect before you decide to enjoy it. 

Your life is never going to be perfect. I love the quote that says, “What screws us up most in life is the image in our head of how it’s supposed to be.” You may not be exactly where you wanted to be in life. You might not be working at your dream job, or engaged to a handsome surgeon driving a sports car. So you have two choices, you can either let that negativity consume you and have a horrible day. Or you can accept that everything’s not perfect and learn to enjoy all the imperfections in life. The days are going to pass anyways, wouldn’t you rather look back and be content instead of wishing you could go back?

3. Don’t workout because you hate your body. Start working out because you LOVE your body and want to amaze yourself at what you can do and accomplish. 

If you had told me that I would like to fun 5k races five years ago, I probably would have just laughed at you. No, I’m not fast by any means.. okay I’ll walk a good portion, just let me get to the point. There’s a completely different feeling between running because you hate how you look and running because of the satisfied adrenaline-filled feeling you get when you cross the finish line. Sure, you’ll probably lose a pound or two in the process- consider it a win-win. 

4. Take care of your body.

Drink lots of water, wear sunscreen so you don’t look like a leather bag when you’re older. Wear sunglasses. Don’t put off regular doctor appointments (Dentist, Gyno, Eye Doctor, Physicals,etc). I started drinking a lot more water and my skin feels and looks better than ever. 

5. Check your bank statements and pay stubs regularly.

On one hand you can be on top of fraud and know right away when someone uses your card. Did you know that someone doesn’t even need to physically steal your card to use it? They can somehow get all the information they need by putting fake card readers on top of the real one in places like the gas stations and ATMS. My boyfriend told me about that and now every time I go to the gas station I’ll jiggle the card reader to see if it’s the real one. The main reason it’s a good thing to always check your statements though is keep tabs on yourself. The trips to Starbucks and going out to eat add up really quickly. If you visually see how much you’ve been spending on little things, it’ll motivate you to make better choices like cooking dinner at home more often. 

6. Put down your phone when you’re out with people.

Don’t be that person… 

7. Shave. For yourself.

If you look your best, you’ll feel your best. 

8. Drink water with lemon every morning when you wake up.

It’s the perfect way to start your morning. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. 

9. Make your bed.

There’s just something about starting off your day making your bed that makes everything feel like it’s in place and in order. Plus, getting in a crisp and nicely made bed after a long day feels so satisfying. 

10. Make your house a home. 

Whether it’s a room, dorm, apartment, townhouse, or house … make it somewhere you WANT to come back to.

11. Start living, Don’t just exist.

Stop simply going through the motions of each day. Take chances and be bold. Dye your hair, get that piercing, apply for that job. Get out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself.  

12. Stand up for yourself.

Love and respect yourself enough to not settle for anything less than you deserve. Know your self-worth and don’t let anyone make you feel any differently.

13. Stop trying to find love and start loving yourself.

There is to ticking clock to falling in love. If you’re single, embrace it. Take that time to learn about yourself. You have your entire rest of your life to be with someone.

14. Ask your work about benefits.

Chances are your job has a ton of great benefits that you either didn’t know about, completely forgot about, or just put it off because you don’t know how to apply for them. Do something great for your future self by setting yourself up for success.

15. Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’, you’ll lose.

There’s always going to be someone that one-ups you. Why beat yourself up over it and get competitive? Live your life for you, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself. Take that competitive energy and use it to focus on getting further in your own goals.

16. Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

When you go to the store hungry, your eyes will be bigger than your stomach. Not only that but you’ll probably wind up buying what’s quick and easy (most likely junk food). The worst thing is going to the store to buy milk and a few other things, and you come back with just about everything but what you meant to buy. Now if you go shopping after you’ve eaten, you’ll be more clear minded with what you buy.

17. Have healthy snacks ready to munch on.

Similar to going to the grocery store on an empty stomach. If you’re hungry and go to the kitchen you’re not going to want to go through the trouble of washing and peeling fruit or making creative healthy snacks- you’re HUNGRY and are going to go for the fastest thing that looks good (pop tarts, chips, etc). However, if you make snacks ahead of time and keep them in the kitchen, the next time you’re munchy you have the perfect go-to snack.

18. Make time to do what you love to do. 

By making the time to do what you love to do, you’ll realize how good it made you feel and do it more often. You’ll be surprised at how much happier that little change can make you.

19. Go one day without your phone. 

You’ll be surprised at how much you miss out on when your nose is glued to your phone. You’ll feel free and oddly relieved. Put the world on hold for a day.

20. Be kind.

It’s that simple. Don’t be a d#@k. There’s enough of those out there in the world.

21. Let go of your toxic friends.

Once you start surrounding yourself with people that build you up, you won’t tolerate being around anyone that makes you feel otherwise. 

22. Wake up earlier.

Get ahead of the day and be proactive not reactive. There is no better feeling than looking down at your watch and smiling because you walked and fed the dog, did a load of laundry, and hit the gym all before noon! Everyone gets the same 24 hours in the day, but what separates successful people is how they choose to spend it. 

23. Go to bed at the same time every night.

Waking up earlier is going to be a lot easier if you get a good nights sleep. Everything that you’re doing at 2am can wait until tomorrow. Not to mention you’ll be able to do it 5x better fully functional and well rested rather than half asleep running on coffee. 

24. Rid yourself of “Blue Light” at least one hour before you go to bed.

If you’re like every 20-something year old out there, you have your own nightly routine even if you don’t know it. Get comfy under the covers, pull out your phone or laptop (or both) and scroll through Instagram,Facebook, etc. I do it too and the worst part is- I don’t even think about doing it, it’s just habit. And afterwards, it takes me FOREVER to fall asleep because my mind is racing.

I noticed, however, that if I actually allow myself time to wind down and relax, I sleep so much more peacefully and have a deeper sleep. At least one hour before you go to bed, put away anything with a screen light (phone, tablet, computer, iPod, etc) and give yourself time to unwind. Grab a magazine, or just have that time to sort out your thoughts.

25. Start putting your phone in the glove compartment when you drive. 

It’s become such a mindless easy habit to reach for your phone every “free” second you get.

Next time you’re out driving and stop at a red light- look at the cars on other side of you. I can almost guarantee you that at least one of them will be on their phone.

If it’s an emergency, it’s within easy reach. And you never know, starting this habit may just prevent a crash one day. I know I’m not the only one that looked up from my phone at a red light or sitting in traffic and noticed my foot was slowly easing off the brake. It’s something so easy and obvious, but by putting our phones in the glove compartment we’re taking away the temptation and getting back into the correct habit.



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