Funny Dog Memes To Get You Through The Week

Happy Monday, everyone! I know Monday blues are hard so here are some fun and light-hearted weekday laughs. I’m sure a lot of dog owners will relate to some of the funny dog photos below. From just getting a bath and playing in the mud to random goofy dog faces, dogs are such a handful but we love them anyways! Here are some funny dog memes to help you get through the week!

Riley is always making the funniest faces, or getting in the goofiest positions. So over the years I’ve compiled a lot of dog memes that I’ve made. Does anyone else have WAY too many pictures of their dog on their phone? I probably take more pictures of Riley than I do of anything else. She’s just so darn cute!

Here’s a little back story behind each funny meme. Click on the pictures below to see them in full size!

1. “Are we there yet?”

I love taking Riley out on car rides. She’s my adventure buddy and loves to go wherever I go. When I’m getting ready to go somewhere, she’ll stand right by the door to make sure I don’t leave without her! She just invites herself to wherever I’m going as if she were saying, “Don’t forget me! I’m coming too!” Other times, like the picture perfectly sums up, she can look pretty disappointed if the adventure wasn’t what she expected.

2. It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone.

Poor Riley was NOT happy after getting spayed. The most difficult part was when the vet said to keep her activity to a minimum. Most dog owners know, that was a near impossible task. Riley is like the energizer bunny, she just keeps going!

3. “I’ll have my people call your people…”

We went to a dog fair last year and it was so much fun! They had so many vendors selling dog treats, dog collars, etc. Riley is absolutely obsessed with water, so when she saw that there were dog pools… she dove right in! The photographer for the event thought she was hilarious and snapped some really good pictures. We were so excited when the paper came out and she was on the cover!

4. Growing up sucks …

This was the first dog bed Riley had as a puppy. When she outgrew it, we bought her a bigger bed but every now and then I would catch her sleeping on her baby bed!

5. Whoever said that diamonds were a girl’s best friend … never had a dog.

My niece Rebecca was born a month before Riley, so they grew up together and absolutely adore each other!

6. Caption this.

Max is my little brother’s dog.

7. Gets a bath. Then decides to go play in the mud …

Dogs have a way of saying they’re sorry haha.

8. Has 99 toys. Only wants the one under the bed …

I’m sure every dog owner can relate to this one.

9. Every snack you make, every meal you bake, every bite you take- I’ll be watching you.


10. I don’t care where we go – as long as I’m with you. 

Dogs are such loyal companions.

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